Monday, 21 April 2008

Japanese food resources

Now that I am settling down in London somewhat, I shall be accumulating Japanese cooking resources. In particular, I'm quite keen to get back into making bento boxes for lunch again, preferably in proper, lacquer-style bento boxes. In general, though, I need to be buying various bits such as Dashi (no moto) - I see you can even get vegetarian versions, decent shoyu, mirin, cooking sake, miso, various seaweeds including nori sheets, wakame and kelp, Japanese rice, and a host of other bits and pieces.

So, a bit of a trawl through "t3h Int3rn3ts" brought up Japan Centre, an excellent, centrally located Japanese food specialist, which I absolutely have to visit this week, as well as, a food blog/personal site dedicated to bento, with loads of handy tips and ideas.

So, expect some Japanese articles in the next few weeks...

(Oh, and did I mention that my housemate has a plethora of authentic ceramic Japanese serving dishes, which he picked up at a major ceramics market in Japan on his recent world trip?)

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